7 Ways To Get By Without Writing Bitter Open Letters To Yelp/Eat24


This is an open letter that a bitter, entry-level employee wrote to the CEO of Yelp/Eat24. She was fired after posting it. Here are a few ways she can better manage both her money and her expectations:

1. Get a roommate. I get it. Rent is expensive. Then either move back home, where you don’t have to pay any, and save up until you have a healthy bank account buffer, or get a roommate to split home expenses. Not so bad, right?

2. Understand that your credit card debt is not your company’s problem. Sorry, but it’s true. If you aren’t able to manage your money at your current pay rate, it isn’t your CEO’s fault.

3. Use your benefits wisely. How many minimum wage jobs offer full health insurance? Even with a $20 co-pay, that’s a pretty sweet deal considering most employees elsewhere have to pay a lot more than that for fewer benefits.

4. Understand your contract terms. Her agreement stated she had to work in her department for a year before being transferred. Why is that a problem now?

5. Manage your stress better. You say that you’re too stressed to focus on your freelance work that you do to supplement your income. Whose problem is that, exactly? Your CEO’s? Your freelance client’s? Donald Trump’s? Mine? Come on. Run to Target, get some store brand lavender lotion (their baby one is great), and relax a little enough to focus on your work.

6. Understand the struggle. I worked in retail for years after college before getting any writing work, and, frankly, I’m pretty good at it and always have been. It’s no one else’s fault. It’s not your fault, either. This is how the world works. Life isn’t always fair. You have to toil a little bit before you get a break. Crying about it isn’t going to help you.

7. Listen to this guy. Seriously. He nailed it.

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