6 Ways To Guarantee A Promotion

0825 promotion

No one wants to stay on the lowest rung of the corporate ladder forever. If you’re looking for a promotion, here are a few ways to guarantee that you get one when something opens up.

1. Master the tasks for the position above yours. If you’re gunning for a promotion, be sure you’re capable of doing the job that you want. If you’re already doing the work, it’s only fair (and likely) that you’ll eventually get the perks, title, and pay raise that go with it.

2. Demonstrate emotional intelligence. Being empathetic and understanding towards others will make you a great collaborator and a fantastic leader. Studies also show that having emotionally intelligent management will attract even more potential talent to a company, meaning if you’re awesome, new hires may be too.

3. Be game for more work. Accept more responsibilities and extra duties with a smile. It’s going to be expected as you move up the ladder that you’ll take on more tasks. If you grumble about it, you’ll stop getting more things to do and people will stop trusting you to do them.

4. Think outside the box. Present creative ideas at meetings. Have a weird pitch? Share it. Even if it doesn’t get used, your bosses will appreciate your input and may come to you for new approaches to problems.

5. Be social. Go to the company happy hours. Schmooze at the office parties. If you fit in with the culture and rub elbows with higher-ups, they’ll be more likely to think of you when an opening comes up.

6. Ask for a promotion. Once you’ve done the hard work, it’s time to ask for the reward. Your bosses may not realize you’re gunning for a promotion because they’re busy putting out proverbial fires all day. Let them know that you want and deserve the promotion and why.

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