Meet The Everpurse, Which Will Change Your Life Forever (Seriously)



Guest blogger Liz Salcedo created Everpurse, which actually charges your devices in your bag. Amazing? Yes. Everpurse integrates technology into your everyday accessories to make your life easier. At the core of Everpurse is a hassle and wire-free smartphone charging system, which works by sliding an iPhone into your handbag pocket (as most women already do) and watching as it immediately begins charging. To re-charge the lightweight battery inside of your handbag, simply slide it onto Everpurse’s wireless charging mat. For more info, visit Here’s how she developed the idea.

In 2011, I was a young professional, in my first job out of college, and on the hunt for the perfect bag.

I wanted something beautiful and fun, something that showed my personality. But I also knew that I needed help staying organized. I was constantly losing my keys, my wallet, and most frustratingly running out of battery on my phone. Every day.

I have always loved technology. When the first Google phone was announced, called Nexus One, I anxiously read every article that came out and memorized the specifications. What I love about technology is the possibility of what it can do for you. How it keeps us more connected and open up new opportunities allowing us to be more efficient.

What I hate about technology is how in many cases it has created more hassles. If technology is supposed to work FOR us, why do I spend so much time worrying about where I left my device, or how much battery it still has? I need to keep track of cables, adapters, etc.. If my phone dies, I feel stranded – no google maps, no texting, no calling, no ordering an Uber.

Late one night, over a glass of wine (where most of my best ideas begin!) my husband Dan asked me what a bag needed to be perfect. That’s when I thought, as crazy as it sounded at the time, what if my bag could charge my phone? As in, I do not have to do anything different day in and day out; my bag, almost as if by magic, charges my phone. No on/off buttons. No cables. No plugging in the phone, or my handbag. A bag like this would be perfect. Beautiful technology with none of the hassle.

So, as crazy as that goal was, that is what I set out to achieve. Dozens of prototypes later I had one single bag that I could call perfect. I chose the brand, the color, and we had built the first version of the Everpurse technology. Soon enough friends and family were clamoring for their very own Everpurse. And we moved towards building the dream of a perfect bag into a business.

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