5 Times Millennials Actually WERE The Worst

millennial daughter with baby boomer mother with father in the background

“Whatever, mom. You’re the reason I can’t even get hired.” | Source: ShutterStock

Millennials have earned a terrible reputation in the workplace. A lot of millennials’ issues aren’t necessarily their own faults: A lot of millennials received participation trophies, their parents told them that they’re special despite never actually achieving anything, their student loan debt situation is horrifying, their job prospects are scary—there’s a lot more at stake than just being whiny and entitled.

That said, some millennials really are just whiny and entitled and don’t understand how to behave at work. Here are five real-life examples of millennials proving their own stereotype.

1. The treehouse incident. Listen, we all need a vacation once in a while. The key to getting one and not looking like a jackass is to actually plan for and request time off. Instead of doing that, one millennial claimed to be going to the Midwest for a friend’s funeral … and instead spent that time building a treehouse “for catharsis” and posting about it on social media. When The New York Times picked up the story, said millennial just kept talking instead of refusing to comment. If you’re going to play hooky, wait a week before blogging or tweeting about it. Or better yet? Get over your insane need for attention and just shut the f*ck up about it. It’ll help your SEO results when you’re looking for a job later.

2. That’s a lot of rice. Sure, this gal was in a crappy situation. But please remember: She voluntarily took a low-paying job in one of the most expensive regions in the country in which to live, defamed her employer publicly, and claimed to be “too stressed out” to do her freelance work on the side that could’ve helped lift her out of poverty. Why, pray tell, did she think she wouldn’t get fired?

3. The dick pic debacle. Uh, wow. The Luxury Spot founder Bryce Gruber-Hermon told The New York Post, “A former employee, who was 23, was drinking wine and uploading his penis photos to our company Dropbox in the name of ‘needing more storage space for Grindr.’” Gruber-Hermon says that while she was looking for a replacement for the employee before she fired him, he quit to work somewhere else and only gave her two days’ notice. Classy!

4. The parental problem. A common thread for employers of millennials is helicopter parenting. Spoiler alert: It never ends well. A source told The New York Post, “I interviewed a millennial candidate for an entry-level position this past summer. When he didn’t get the job, his dad called me multiple times to demand why.” An ad agency exec told Kongregate, “Only at the agency a few months upon graduation, a young lady walked into my office and told me her dad thought that she was underpaid. I replied that her dad should call me so that we could discuss the matter. He never called.”

5. Little work and all play makes millennials unemployed. “I would say the wildest experience at a prior job was one [millennial] who quit when a new version of a video game came out, so he could play it all day,” a Manhattan attorney told The New York Post. “This is a person with a law degree … What made it worse was that he graduated from law school and likely had $100,000 in loans. He was temping because he needed the money!” This wasn’t his only horror story. He added, “There was a woman who billed 12-hour days — six hours playing on the computer, the other six hours doing work. She was 26.”

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