Lululemon Shades Ivy Park And Beyoncé, Remains Awful

Lululemon, a company whose founder Chip Wilson named it specifically to make a racist joke against the Japanese, are at it again, this time shading Beyoncé. Beyoncé. No one shades Beyoncé and comes out unscathed.

When Beyoncé announced her Ivy Park athletic wear line, Lululemon decided that they owned a monopoly on overpriced yoga pants, tweeting:


They since deleted the post, but screengrabs are forever, kids. Lululemon has since tried to backpedal. It isn’t working, especially for those who realize that they never dissed Kate Hudson’s Fabletics athletic wear line, which implies they’re probably as racist and anti-Semitic as their now-defunct founder. Additionally, Lululemon simply isn’t a quality product: Remember in 2013 when they were under fire for their pants being see-through?

Get over yourselves, Lululemon. Unless Beyoncé herself becomes racist and refuses to make large sizes of her athletic wear, she truly will never be Lululemon. And for that, we are all grateful.

And for good measure:

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