A Lot Of Bernie Sanders’ Democratic Primary Voters Are Disenfranchised


I’m going to come out and say it because I’m an honest person: I support Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary. I don’t believe in a two-party system, and neither did the founders of our country and the framers of our Constitution, but I do believe he’s the most honest, the most consistent, and least harmful candidate. I know a lot of women will say I should support Hillary Clinton in her presidential pursuits because it’s the feminist thing to do, but that argument is a little confusing: Where was this sentiment when Carly Fiorina was in the race? When crazypants Michele Bachmann wanted a go? When Sarah Palin was gunning for veep?

In any case, I registered to vote as a Democrat in the state of New York after moving here from New Jersey, where I was a registered independent. I registered as a Democrat specifically to vote for Senator Bernie Sanders. I applied for an absentee ballot for the primary and was worried when it didn’t come, so I checked my voter registration status and was told I wasn’t registered. I checked to see if I was still registered under my previous address in New Jersey … and still, nothing came up.

Arizona had this issue, and now New York has it too. Regardless of where you stand in your political beliefs, disenfranchising any voter is the wrong thing to do, period. Whether it’s a miraculous accident or a deliberate move on behalf of the Democratic National Committee, which has appeared to be in Hillary Clinton’s pocket from the get-go, remains to be determined, but Hell if I’m not disgusted with everything right now. If my voice can’t be heard in a voting booth, let it be heard here. To register to vote wherever you live and for whoever you support, click here.


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