Don’t Forget About These Tax Deductions

Adam Johnson | Source: New York Post Video

Adam Johnson | Source: New York Post Video

Financial expert Adam Johnson shared some tax tips with my pals at The New York Post. Since today is your final day to file and pay your damn taxes, don’t forget to throw in these last minute itemized tax deductions!

1. Clothes. If you’re buying an outfit for a work event, a tie for a job interview, sensible shoes to walk to work, or just a new blazer to keep at your desk, that’s a tax deduction. It’s a work expense! Not a work expense? A bridesmaid gown for your dumb cousin’s third wedding, stripper heels for Saturday nights, or perfume that will give a coworker a migraine.

2. Job hunting expenses. Aside from the aforementioned tie, don’t forget the costs of getting your resume printed, your commute to and from interviews, a portion of your Internet bill to apply for jobs online.

3. Your “home office.” Have a home office? Even if it’s a sofa, that’s a tax deduction. You can deduct up to 300 square feet at $5 per foot, saving you $1,500 a year on your taxes.

4. Your commute. Driving to and from work or a business convention or event of some kind? You can deduct 57 cents per mile.

5. Business meals. Lunching with a colleague to discuss a project? Sucking up to your boss with cookies and coffee? As Johnson says, if you’re meeting with mom to talk business (even bitching about your boss or lazy coworker Ryan), that’s a tax deduction.

6. The cost of doing your taxes. TurboTax itself can be deducted from next year’s taxes! It’s a business expense!

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