8 Pieces Of Career Advice From ‘Hamilton’

Joan Marcus for Atlantic Records

Joan Marcus for Atlantic Records

In honor of Hamilton‘s Tony Awards, here are a few peoples of wise advice from the musical that we can all apply to our lives in the office everyday.

1. Have a strong support system. Alexander Hamilton’s besties, Lafayette, Hercules Mulligan, and John Laurens, never let him down. His wife, Eliza, was his rock. Make sure you have a solid base of friends and family who you can count on and vice versa.

2. Look the part. Hamilton was a little vain, but it served him well. His troops were always well-dressed, even on the battlefield, and it made everyone take him and his team seriously.

3. Have a way with words. Strong writing skills and a good grasp of language as a whole will get you farther than smarts alone. Hamilton’s writing ability earned him a scholarship to go to the States and made him George Washington’s right hand man.

4. Never stop learning. Hamilton kept reading and studying long after his education at King’s College (now Columbia University) was over.

5. Learn another language. Even if it’s just polite Spanish or “where is the restroom” in Japanese, mastering multiple tongues can help. Hamilton’s fluency in French was integral during the Revolutionary War.

6. Show up. If you’re not in the room where it happens, you’re out.

7. Talk less, smile more. Aaron Burr had a point. Being opinionated is great, but being a hothead will get you into trouble. When in doubt, stay quiet, keep your cards close to your chest, and stay out of conflicts that don’t involve you.

8. Tell your story. Keep a journal. Publish things. Tell people about your achievements. If you don’t, you don’t know who will.

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