5 Ways To Make Your Boss Adore You

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Everyone hates the boss’ favorite … but everyone loves being the boss’ favorite. Here’s how to make your boss absolutely love you.

1. Don’t waste her time. Instead of giving her a play-by-play of your task, just let her know when you’re starting and when you’re done. She doesn’t need you to narrate every comma you insert into a memo. She doesn’t care. As long as the memo gets done, that’s fine. Use some autonomy to get your work done and solve your own problems.

2. Pat her on the back. When your boss gives a killer presentation or makes a good point in a meeting, let her know. If you love her new dress, let her know. If you appreciate how she mediated a conflict, let her know. Bosses are people too! Giving positive reinforcement means you’ll likely get some yourself later.

3. Smile. Having a positive attitude is infectious. Being the office Debbie Downer sucks energy from everyone else, and it’s not going to earn you any points.

4. Keep a weekly itinerary. Depending on what you do, touch base with your boss every Monday and let her know what you’re working on for the rest of the week. Not only will a heads up be helpful for her, but it’ll also likely lessen her need to micromanage (if she has one), which will make your work life a lot easier.

5. Be her point person. If you’re consistent and reliable, she’ll notice. Offer to help. Get things done when she asks (or before). And document all of it for when your review comes up!

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