5 Things To Do The Night BEFORE A Job Interview

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You know how to behave on a job interview already: Dress well, speak confidently, ask questions, do your research, have a firm handshake. But there are steps to take the night before a job interview that can definitely help your performance the day of. Here are a few things to remember leading up to your big day.

1. Eat healthy the night before. Full disclosure: I ate a tub of mac and cheese last night right before bed. A tub. It was delicious. Unfortunately, it made me feel like garbage today. Bloated, slow-moving, and gross. (Of course, this won’t stop me from doing it again tomorrow, but I don’t have a job interview tomorrow.) Don’t eat anything greasy or heavy for dinner, because you don’t want to risk being gassy during your sitdown or just awake and stomachache-y overnight.

2. Check the weather forecast. You don’t want to be shocked with a downpour that makes you wish you called an Uber, a snow shower that leaves your nose runny, or a heat wave that has you showing up a sweaty, stinky mess. Plan ahead!

2. Choose and lay out your outfit and accessories. You don’t want to scramble in the morning when you can’t find the earrings to go with that sheath! (Be sure to do this after you check the weather, or else you may have to change again!)

4. Pack your purse. Include anything you’ll need for the next day to feel confident, but don’t bring gum—you may forget to throw it away before you go inside! Stick with mints as needed. Another thing to toss in? Printouts of any information or news on the company in case you don’t get cell service and want to refresh your memory on the way.

5. Make a playlist for your commute. Pump yourself up! Here are a few ideas.

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