Megyn Kelly Has Some Solid Career Advice


Megyn Kelly has had enough of beauty being more important than brains.

She told Ladies Home Journal, “I think we worry too much about just making ourselves pretty. Too often in my industry, young women are focused more on being seen instead of what they sound like. The message is “look at me,” as opposed to “listen to me.” If you can get people to want to listen to you, everything falls into place.”

Will Megyn Kelly, whose nose has undergone a big change from her high school days, offer these sage words to Melania Trump? We’ll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, the Fox News hostess also has advice on our compulsive need to be liked. “I think women in general are raised to want to be good girls and to want to be liked. Men are raised in a different way. It’s just now in the past few years, that I’ve come into my own in terms of not needing to be liked. I want to be respected. I want to be good at what I do. Being liked is a bonus.”

If only she’d offer some tips on how to cope with the war on Christmas.

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