5 Excuses For Not Taking Vacation That You Need To Drop Now

using your vacation time can get you a raise. | Source: ShutterStock

We almost never use all our vacation days, and that’s a dangerous practice. Amantha Imber, psychologist and author of The Innovation Formula: The 14 Science-Based Keys for Creating a Culture Where Innovation Thrives told The New York Post “Many employees across America don’t receive paid leave days as part of their jobs, yet there are also millions of workers who are taking significantly less leave than their [employers are] giving them, failing to take all of the days they are owed.”

It’s time to quit making excuses and actually use your vacation days. You worked for them, you earned them, it’s time to enjoy them! (And if you need help planning a cheap vacation, here are some ideas. If you’re totally broke? Staycations are a thing. Use your vacation days to explore where you live or as mental health days.)

1. You’re too busy. You’re not. Period.

2. No one else can do your job. Don’t lie to yourself and make yourself seem indispensable. Train another colleague or intern to do the basic, most important aspects of your position if you’re the only person at the company with that particular job. You’ll earn bonus points for delegating and teaching an underling—just get the OK from your boss first.

3. You want to look dedicated to your job. Don’t be a martyr. If your boss takes vacation days, you can too. The best way to show dedication is to stick around at your company for a few years, not to work 365 days a year.

4. You’re afraid you’ll come back to extra work. Not if you trained that other colleague well.

5. You’re the boss and you’re scared to leave. Train your damn employees and learn to delegate.

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