11 Questions You Should Ask On Every Job Interview

Recruiter checking the candidate during job interview

When you’re on a job interview, your job interviewer shouldn’t be the only person asking questions. When you ask your interviewer questions on a job interview, it shows that you’re engaged and invested in the outcome. Here are a few must-asks for every situation, but know that if you have a specific question about the role or company that Google can’t answer, ask those too!

1. What does a typical day look like?
This is pretty important, because it’s going to effect you daily.

2. Do you think my main responsibilities for this position to change in the next six months to a year?
Asking this during your job interview is a good way to avoid a bait and switch situation and indicates that you plan on growing in the company eventually.

3. Where is the last person who had this position moving on to do?
Did she get promoted or leave the company? If you figure it out, you may be able to hit her up on LinkedIn for more perspective.

4. What are the goals for my position?
Know if it’s feasible to even try. If their expectations are through the roof, it may explain why whoever had your job before left. If you know you can meet them, let everyone know during your job interview that you’re totally game.

5. What’s your history like here?
This works in a few ways: It shows interest in the person, and it gives you a clue about the possibility for advancement without it sounding like you’re getting ahead of yourself.

6. Who will I report to directly?
It may not be your interviewer!

7. What other departments work with my role?
If you know nothing about video, for example, this can be a big warning or a big opportunity for learning.

8. Is the work environment here more collaborative or independent?
If you’re a lone ranger or a group-thinker, this is important.

9. Are you hiring anyone else in our department within the next year?
Offer referrals if they are, because you may net a bonus if and when you get hired!

10. Do you have any last questions for me?
Maybe offer a fun fact, also: “Like about the time I went hang-gliding with Bill Murray?”

11. What are the next steps for us?
Of course, you know you have to follow up after a job interview, but this will give an idea as to where your interviewer stands, as well as who you’ll actually have to contact.

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