5 Reasons Mariah Carey Doesn’t Need James Packer

Mariah Carey reportedly split from billionaire fiancee James Packer, and sources close to him blamed it on her spending habits. Here’s why Mimi is better off emancipated from him. And yes, I did just want an excuse for a Mariah Carey GIF post because she’s epic and flawless.

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1. She has her own money.
Mariah Carey has an estimated net worth of $520 million.

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2. She writes anthems.
Listen to “Hero,” Mimi. You’ll be fine.

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3. She makes bank every December.
She’s still the highest-selling holiday hitmaker ever.

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4. He’s not going to upgrade.
Listen to “Someday,” Packer.

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5. On a shallow level, they were mismatched.
She can never be Fiona. She’s too fabulous.

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