5 Tips To The Best Cover Letter Ever


Your cover letter is supposed to sell your resume. Considering getting anyone to look at a resume seems almost impossible to begin with, here’s how to ensure your cover letter works. Good luck!

1. Show your knowledge of the company. If you’re applying to, say, work at Marvel Comics, show you know what you’d be selling: You have to be able to explain the ins and outs of Wolverine’s relationships with X-23, Jean Grey, and Cyclops. It’s not enough to know that he’s grumpy and has claws.

2. Show your passion for the company. If you’re applying, once more, to work for Marvel, show them how much you love their work: Explain why you think Miles Morales is cooler than Peter Parker, or offer a tidbit about how badass you think it is that Rogue took Carol Danvers’ powers as Captain Marvel. Employers want employees who want to be there!

3. Use a name. Look up the hiring manager, potential boss, or HR rep that you’re dealing with. Address your letter to them specifically. They’ll be impressed and flattered!

4. Show what you can do. Offer specific proposals for ideas you can bring to the company. If you’re applying to work at a kitty litter plant, explain how your chemical composition can trap odors better than anyone else’s. If you’re applying to be a makeup artist, explain how blend concealer so seamlessly, and let your potential boss know that you have more where those ideas came from.

5. Be confident. Close with a phrase like, “I look forward to discussing what I can do for XYZ. We’re going to be a great team.”

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