8 Ways To Slay On Your First Day At A New Job


Your first day at a new job doesn’t have to be terrifying! Here’s how to make a good impression and stop freaking yourself out on your first day at your new gig. Good luck, and slay!

1. Get a good night’s sleep. Go to bed early the night before. Don’t celebrate your new gig before you’ve started, because if you party too hard, you may be exhausted, or worse, hungover, on your start date.

2. Give yourself a lot of extra time. Pretend you have to be at the office at least 30 minutes before you’re actually scheduled to be there. This will get you up and out faster, as well as give you a buffer in case your train is late or you’re stuck in traffic. You’ll also be less frazzled and frantic and more relaxed and confident when you arrive.

3. Keep an open mind about everyone. coworkers may give you “warnings” about others. Take them with a grain of salt and be nice to everyone.

4. Dress conservatively. If you’re not sure what the dress code is like, err on the side of formal office attire until you get a better feel for it. A basic blazer and pants dressed up with a vibrant top and an awesome necklace or earrings will never serve you wrong.

5. Bring a snack. Between orientation, finding your way around, and just being excited, you may not get a chance to eat. Don’t get dizzy or hangry! Keep a granola bar or small bag of nuts handy to munch on to stave off low blood sugar.

6. Don’t eat lunch at your desk. Go to the break room or ask a kind colleague if they want to meet at the sub shop across the street. Get to know people!

7. Observe closely. Take it all in: Are your office mates chatty, or do they have headphones in? Do people leave right at 5, or do they hang until everything is done? How do they dress? Do they have nicknames? Use all of this!

8. Don’t dump on your old job. You may be excited about your new gig, but don’t take digs at your old one. You never know who knows someone, and you want to come off as both professional and optimistic, not bitter.

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