7 Things To Do At Home To Make Your Work Life Easier


Your home life and your work life mix more than you may realize. Even if you’re great at compartmentalizing, stress from home can follow you into the office and vice-versa. Here’s how to ease the chaos at home to improve both areas of your life.

1. Clean out your closet. Having an organized closet means you’ll save time finding something to wear, which means you can sleep in a little more or get to work earlier and feel less stressed in the morning. Set aside a rainy afternoon and organize that killer wardrobe of yours.

2. Organize your bathroom and beauty supplies. You’ll get out the door in the morning faster if you’re not digging around a drawer for your favorite lipstick. Keep the cosmetics and products you wear and use daily in one place, separate from the rest of your beauty goodies, so you can find them ASAP in the morning.

3. Make your bedroom a restful place. Get light-blocking shades or curtains. Keep all screens hidden or away at bedtime. Invest in a good mattress and pillows. A good night’s sleep makes every day better.

4. Prepare your lunch for the next day. You’ll spend less money and less time deciding what takeout to get—and you’ll probably save yourself a lot of calories, fat, and sodium, too.

5. Make a to-do list for the week. Include something you enjoy so you have something to look forward to.

6. Clean up! It’s therapeutic, will relieve stress, and can help you find little things you never knew were missing that can come in handy at work.

7. Get out. Having an active social life, or even just going for a walk around the block, can improve your outlook and your sense of work-life balance.

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