4 Reasons You Never Heard Back After A Job Interview

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If you had an awesome interview are waiting to hear back for what seems like forever, you’re not alone. Why does it take interviewers so long to get back to you and hire you already? Well, it turns out, the job interview process and followup details can take a really long time. Here’s why you haven’t had a call yet.

1. They’re not done interviewing other candidates. Remember when I said you’re not alone? You’re really not alone: There’s an average of around 250 applicants for every job posting, so chances are your potential employer has a lot more job interviews to conduct before they narrow it down. Be patient, grasshopper.

2. A few people still have to weigh in. Chances are you’ll have to interview with more than one person for a job. Even if the first person you interview with adores you, their opinion still has to be weighed next to other people’s, including human resources, their bosses, and maybe someone even higher up than that. Make sure to charm and send thank you notes to each person!

3. They have other stuff to do. Believe it or not, people have other things to do besides hiring you. Your potential employer may just be wrapped up in his or her or their day-to-day duties. Maybe someone’s out sick and they have even more to do than usual. That’s a reason not to nag them too much!

4. They’re just not that into you. Just like not every date leads to a relationship, not every job interview leads to a new gig. Just like some guys will ghost you, some employers will, too. If it’s been more than two months, you’re probably not getting hired. Accept it. Learn from it. Move on!

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