6 Ways To Stay Motivated On A Long Day


Need to get motivated on a long day? Here are a few ways to get your head in the game when all you want to do is go home.

1. Set a quit time. If you don’t have to answer emails after 5, don’t. Get in, kick ass, and get out. Think of it as keeping yourself occupied until it’s time for fun.

2. Break big tasks into smaller ones. Your tasks will seem less daunting if you break them down into smaller pieces. For example, I have to compile a very long list of celebrities who died in 2016. If I do it by month, however, and complete one month each day for 12 days, it’s not nearly so bad. Still depressing, but not nearly as daunting.

3. Go for a walk. Sometimes it’s all you need to re-energize yourself and get your blood flowing to your brain.

4. Celebrate small victories. Cleared your inbox? Pat yourself on the back. Made it through a 12:30 lunch meeting without shoving paperclips into your eyeballs? You earned it! Be happy for yourself and have a small treat—a cup of tea, a quick Silicon Valley YouTube break—and get back to work.

5. Make a list. Checking things off will make you feel accomplished, which will give you more motivation to move forward.

6. Just do it. Dive in. Once you get going, chances are you’ll realize it’s not so bad, in part because you’re keeping yourself too busy to focus on how you still have seven hours to go until you can clock out.

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