10 Gift Ideas For Your Boss

Need gift ideas for your boss? Look no further. The key is to remember that your boss is not only your boss, but also a person. Get something that will appeal to both sides.

1. Engraved desk organizer

17009a_Engraved-Desk-Organizer-with-Jelly-BeansFor under $30, you’ll look both thoughtful and professional. Get one for yourself, too!

2. Silver cube magnetic clip and photo holder


Useful, decorative, and sweet—and under $25!

3. Fun organizer


If she’s got a sense of humor, go for it. If not, avoid!

4. Feminist bookends


Because women get stuff done.

5. Genius paperweight


6. A chic presentation book



Make meetings a little more bearable.

7. A high quality journal


Pretty, strong, professional.

8. A cheeky mug


Acknowledge your status as a happy underling.

9. Portable relaxation lamp

0768533952806_p0_v1_s550x406The calmer she is, the less likely she is to fire you.

10. Folding phone holder


Keeps her cords out of the way while she’s plugged in.




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