5 Ways To Wake Yourself Up At Work

woman falling asleep at her desk at work

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There are few worse feelings than nodding off at your desk and knowing you still have five hours left to go at work. Here are a few ways to wake yourself up when you’re tired at work to the point of drooling all over your keyboard.

1. Yes, caffeine. Try not to ingest any after 3pm, or else you may be up all night—but get a coffee, a 5-Hour Energy, or some green tea (especially matcha) to keep your eyes open as best as you can.

2. Go for a walk outside. Sometimes fresh air and sunshine, and the vitamin D that comes with them, can make a huge difference.

3. Break a sweat. Take a long lunch and go for a jog, do jumping jacks in the bathroom, or just take a few quick laps on the stairs to get your blood flowing.

4. Listen to upbeat songs. Enya may soothe you, but she’ll also lull you to sleep. Blast up-tempo, loud tracks in your headphones: Think more “Ayo” than “A Million Reasons,” more “Single Ladies” than “Halo.”

5. Use common scents. Peppermint and citrus scents can be energizing. Chew minty gum or keep essential oils at your desk and dab a tiny bit on your upper lip to get the benefits without giving anyone else nearby a headache.

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