8 Economic Reasons To Quit Smoking Today

Smoking is expensive, unhealthy, and idiotic. Here are a few economic reasons to quit, because it makes all of these potential situations worse.

1. It’s expensive on its own. If you’re poor and complain about how expensive cigarettes are, stop f*cking smoking. Period. Nicorette isn’t cheap either, but it’s also an investment to get you out of a more expensive, more dangerous habit. Stop making excuses.

2. Your health insurance may be more expensive. You may not have a pre-existing condition and if you do, it may be unrelated to your nasty habit—but chances are you’ll develop some bad conditions from smoking, which may make your premiums go up.

3. Your life insurance policy may not be as cushy. You’re going to die much younger than you would otherwise.

4. You’ll pay more for healthcare overall. From pricey co-pays, antibiotics for respiratory infections to hospital bills from asthma attacks to lozenges and trips to the dentist for your gross stained teeth, smoking will make taking basic care of yourself even more expensive than it would be otherwise.

5. You’ll have more laundry to do. Your dry cleaning bills may be higher and more frequent, because your clothes will reek of smoke.

6. Skincare isn’t cheap. You’ll need extra moisturizer for the dry skin smoking can cause, and fillers like Botox and Juvederm may be tempting for all those premature wrinkles you’ll get, too.

7. Manicures become necessary. Stained fingertips, brittle nails, and signs of aging on your hands? That’s going to get expensive to hide.

8. Mental anguish on your loved ones. It’s gross, and you may drive each other to need therapy.

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