5 New Year’s Resolutions For Employees

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Make a New Year’s resolution to slay this year. Need more specific resolutions? Try these.

1. Keep a file on your achievements all year. Keep a Google Doc open and update it every time you make a big sale, have a video go viral, or get a complimentary letter from a client or a glowing review from a higher up. It’ll make your annual review much easier later if you consistently document your successes.

2. Update your resume and CV. Even if you’re not looking for a job right now, make sure your resume and CV are up to date and well-edited. if you decide to make a jump in the future, you’ll be less frazzled about it. (This is another place where your document of kicking butt will come in handy.)

3. Command more… Don’t just demand more. Command more. This means earning it and deserving it so clearly that there’s not even a question about whether you should get it.

4. …And negotiate if you can’t get exactly what you want. Sometimes the people on your side aren’t the people who control the purse strings. See if you can get other incentives for your hard work, whether it be an extra few vacation days, the option to work remotely twice a week, or in-house training that will help you advance later.

5. Dress up once a week. Have staff meetings every Wednesday? Dress like you’re going on a job interview. Watch how different you feel from when you roll up in stretch pants and a hoodie.

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