6 New Year’s Resolutions For Managers


Managers, it’s time to make New Year’s resolutions for how to change for the better in 2017. Here are a few to consider.

1. Turn on the heat. Seriously. It’s cold in here.

2. Pay attention to who does what. Give credit where it’s due. If Paul completes all of his tasks well in a short amount of time, note it. If Jackie offers to help other departments when she has downtime, note it. If Jess is the go-to for something, ask why.

3. Give more compliments. If Maggie slays her presentation, make it known. She’ll be encouraged and it’ll set a standard for everyone else on your team.

4. Be a mentor. Ask where people want to be in a few years. Help them get there.

5. Mind your budget. Does Bryan take eight hours to do the same tasks other workers finish in two? Offer him ways to expedite his work or special training. If he still is inefficient after two years, maybe get rid of Bryan, because your work flow won’t be inhibited and the rest of your employees would appreciate a larger raise.

6. Keep your promises. Swore you’d move Ally to a better shift? Promised a more epic holiday party? Insisted you’d get more interns? Follow. Through.

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