Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls Is Hypocritical

In November 2016, two female employees at the New York Post put together this viral video about the Milk Riders, a lesbian motorcycle gang that delivers breast milk to babies:

Cut to January 5, 2017.

Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, an organization that’s supposed to empower women, allegedly used footage from the original video without permission from the original content producers—and didn’t credit the New York Post, nor the female producers who put it together. (You can even see the font from the New York Post text cards in the Smart Girls video, and in other shots they zoomed in to hide the New York Post logo.) You can see the Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls video here and draw your own conclusions. In case the allegations are accurate, I don’t want to give them the traffic by embedding it here.

Amy Poehler may owe the producers of this video some waffles, some credit, and an apology. It’s not empowering to women to allegedly pilfer footage curated, produced, and edited by women in a male-dominated field without permission.

After the Post’s head of video reached out, he was told that the video was removed everywhere, but as of press time, it was still autoplaying and featured on their Twitter page.

I’d also like my money back for Yes, Please.

UPDATE: The video has since been removed and Smart Girls offered an apology. It’s about time.

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