How To Get Birth Control If Obamacare Is Repealed

birth control pills and a fearful looking woman

You already know that birth control is for more than just contraception, and that it’s used to treat everything from endometriosis to PCOS to irregular periods to hormonal imbalances and can even lower your risk of certain cancers, right? Right.

 A 2015 study reported that Obamacare saves the average pill user $255 per year, with IUDs saving users an average of $248 per year.

Additionally, Money reports that contraceptive coverage accounts for “63 percent of the drop in average out-of-pocket spending on retail drugs since 2012.”

Thankfully, some states, including New York, California, Vermont, Illinois, and Maryland have laws in place that require insurers in those states to cover birth control in case Obamacare does, indeed, get repealed…so either get ready to pay out of pocket, or find someone to finish off your lease and move to one of those areas.

If you’re worried that defunding Planned Parenthood will limit your access to clinics that can prescribe you birth control, I recommend talking to one of the amazing docs on Maven—it’s inexpensive, and you won’t have to make a trek out of state to get a prescription.

And if all else fails:


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