Seriously Though, Betsy DeVos Is The Worst


Donald Trump’s nomination for Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, is the worst. She is the. Worst. She is the worst regardless of what political affiliation with which you align yourself. She is completely unqualified and has no idea what she’s even talking about, let alone what she’s doing.

Here are Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Tim Kaine, and Al Franken showing a few reasons why. Watch it all the way through—it’s terrifying and sadly entertaining:

Betsy DeVos is determined to privatize public education, which would ultimately just really screw over lower-income kids who didn’t pick their parents. Public education is one of the few ways we, as a country, can create even the illusion of a level playing field. “School choice” via the voucher system simply doesn’t work and just takes money away from children who need it the most.

Betsy DeVos donated a ton of money to the Republican party. That’s her sole qualification for a job that will affect millions of innocent students and only succeed in making the rich kids have even more advantages over their peers.

NPR reports that Betsy DeVos inflated graduation rates of virtual schools, and she’s plagiarized reports before. Having her in charge of anything, let alone education, simply isn’t okay.

Here’s how to call your senators to urge them to vote no on Betsy DeVos
. It’s the worth the slight inconvenience of actually having to make a phone call instead of using a hashtag.

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