5 Small Things To Do If You Think You’re Getting Fired


If you get fired, it’s almost important to keep a stiff upper lip and keep conversations short–like this gal, who isn’t dragging it out with the blabbermouth behind her.

If you’re pretty sure you’re getting fired, you already know that you have to have a conversation with your boss. (More on that later.) If you’re getting fired, you also know that you better start job hunting while you still have a job. But there are other small tasks you may want to complete before you’re officially on the chopping block. They may not necessarily save your job, but you’ll have an easier transition if you do get fired.

1. Gradually clean out your desk. If you’re like me, you hate actually taking stuff home, because it means lugging it somewhere. Bring a tote and take home a little at a time, starting with the items you use the least but would miss the most if you left them behind: Your extra mug one day, your extra lamp, photos of your niece, your extra oatmeal stash, your Yoda figurines. If anyone asks, say you’re just trying to declutter. This will keep you from having to dump everything into a box within 10 minutes.

2. Add your work besties on LinkedIn. If they’ll give you a good reference, even if your boss won’t, add them. Not only will they put in a good word where your supervisor might not, they’ll also keep you in mind if they move somewhere else that has an extra opening.

3. Maximize your 401K contributions. You won’t be able to contribute or match if you’re not employed anymore, so make the most of it while you still can.

4. Take personal files off your computer. Copy them onto a Flashdrive or WeTransfer them to yourself, then delete.

5. Get your contacts in order. Make a database of your clients and contacts — or just forward yourself messages from everyone you may need to stay in touch with later. Your company may block your access the day of your termination, so if you see it coming, take care of it early.

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