Should You Ever Not Tip A Server? (Hint, Cat Deeley: NO.)

Cat Deeley, the 40-year-old host of So You Think You Can Dance, doesn’t know how restaurants work. (I only brought up her age as a point that she really should know better by now.)

Deeley went on a Twitter rant against TomGeorge restaurant in Los Angeles this week:

And then it was revealed that she never tipped her waiter, despite her entire meal getting comped:

And even Cat Deeley herself admitted that the problems were not the fault of her server:

Unless a waiter or server is unduly rude or aggressive towards you, you should always tip them. They are usually not at fault for problems with management or the kitchen, but they tend to suffer the greatest consequences for those who are.

Modern Etiquette coach Maggie Oldham told People, “I think what she did, trying to make the restaurant look bad, is actually making her look bad and it’s terrible etiquette to air your grievances like this in a public forum especially when the restaurant is trying to make amends. It sounds like the server did his job, he waited on her, he brought her food, he did his best by comping part of her meal and make amends for whatever grievance she had toward the restaurant. So I think in this situation it was terribly rude of her.”

If Cat Deeley ever plans on dining out again, keep this in mind. People like Cat Deeley are why I always exceedingly overtip, because I know harpies like this exist, and her idiocy shouldn’t be the reason an innocent waiter can’t make rent.

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