‘Believe In Yourself’ Donates Dresses To Girls In Need


Recently launched national charity Believe in Yourself is using fashion to encourage high school and middle school girls in low-income areas to improve academically and behaviorally.

The charity, which donates dresses to underprivileged girls and promotes positive body image, has recently begun to target donations to girls who show improvement. Founded by Sam Sisakhti, the the CEO and Founder of UsTrendy.

Believe in Yourself visits low income housing projects and Boys and Girls clubs to identify girls who might benefit from the gift of a dress. Charity founder Sam Sisakhti asks organizers in each community to target girls who are showing improvement in hope that the other girls in the community will be inspired to improve their grades or behavior, too, in order to receive a donated dress.

“It’s not about being a straight-A student or president of your class, it’s just about showing improvement and a desire to better yourself,” says Sisakhti. “We want to show these girls that if they try, then there will be a positive result.”

Believe in Yourself has already made dress donations in low-income areas in Chicago, Boston, Washington, DC, and other cities. Believe in Yourself hopes to donate 5,000 to 10,000 dresses over the course of the next year. More will be occurring through out April and May.

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