6 Reasons You’re Unlikable At Work


Whether you like it or not, whether or not people like you is a factor in how successful you’ll be. You can be super efficent, but if everyone thinks you’re a dick, don’t expect to get very far. Here are six ways you may be making yourself unlikable at work (and possibly elsewhere).

1. You overshare. It’s one thing to tell your work bestie about your hangover or your fight with your boyfriend. It’s another thing to wail about those things with your boss or with someone you just met. Use discretion — and take the time to ask other people how they’re doing.

2. You gossip. Counter anything you hear about anyone else with a compliment, and nothing will ever come back to bite your in the ass. For example, if you hear that Holly smells bad, reply, “Dude, isn’t her haircut so cute?” If someone whispers that Spencer is hooking up with Angela in accounting, say, “Speaking of Angela, her proposal last week kicked ass, didn’t it?”

3. You name-drop or humble-brag. First off, know that for the most part, no one gives a shit. Second, you’re annoying. If you want to brag, do it without insulting your listener’s intelligence.

4. You’re too serious. Not everyone hates the super-serious person, but almost everyone loves the cheerful person who asks them how their ankle is recovering after an injury, if their cat’s feeling better, or if their baby said “dada” yet.

5. You never contribute. If you’re the first person in line for someone else’s birthday cake but have never told anyone “happy birthday” or chipped in to pay for one, know that no one in your company will mourn your death.

6. You microwave fish. Seriously, you’re the worst.

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