4 Secret Interview Skills To Land Your Dream Job

Taking a new career direction? That's a good thing.

Taking a new career direction? That’s a good thing.

Guest blogger David Essel. M.S., is a master teacher, author, storyteller, radio/TV host, adjunct professor, addiction recovery coach, inspirational speaker and minister. To find out more visit www.davidessel.com

There are so many factors to think about when you’re trying to get that perfect job. We need to be prepared. We need to be on our game. And we also need to know some of the secrets, to the interview process, that will separate you from all of the other competitors… Giving you the best shot to give you the job of your dreams.

Number one best-selling author, counselor, life coach and radio host David Essel has helped people for the past 27 years prepare themselves to give the interview of their dreams. So, they have the best opportunity to get the job they’ve always wanted.

“I’ve always wanted people to slow down before they go in for their first interview. To get highly focused. And when they do that, and follow the tips that we’ve used for 27 years on the job interviewing process, they rise to the occasion and at the very worst… They will give the best interview they ever have. And the very best? They will nail the job of their dreams. But if you just use traditional interview skill techniques, The odds of getting a great job when you’re in competition with a lot of people drop dramatically. Focus. Preparation. Persistence. Is the key to becoming great during the interview process.”

1. Research the company that you’re interviewing with. Now this might not seem like a radical suggestion, but do you know how many people that David Essel has worked with over the past 27 years that go into an interview without really researching the company? More than you can imagine. When you research the company, also research the person who’s going to be interviewing you, or the persons who will be interviewing you. David remembers going on his first interview in 1980 with a major hospital in Florida. Through his own research, and questioning of the lead interviewer over the phone, he found some similarities in their background. They both had a love of basketball. The person who he had hoped would become his boss, was a huge basketball fan from Georgia. So right away he knew that he was going to be “talking hoops ” at some point during the interview. He also researched the hospital, how long they had been in existence, who were the past presidents, what noteworthy accomplishments the hospital had accomplished in regards to health care… He was so well-prepared that when he walked in, and found himself in front of 10 people instead of the two he was expecting, there was no shift in his intention. He knew he was ready to be excellent in the interview process, and get the job. And he did.

2. Show up 20 minutes early, and sit in your car for 10 minutes doing relaxation techniques, visualization and affirmations. Sitting in your car for 10 minutes, and taking slow deep breaths will help calm the mind as well as the body. Visualizing yourself in the interview, answering questions with poise , confidence and energy is a must move before the interview. Use a series of affirmations about your readiness to accept the position, your skill level and more. We know through scientific research that affirmations said with emotions, release a cascade of chemicals from the brain, boosting your mood and even your physical appearance. Do not miss this step .

3. Interview the interviewer. Now this is crucial as well. After the interviewer has asked you the questions related to the position, they normally pause and say do you have any questions for me? This is where your preparation will help you to shine. A few of the critical questions that David coaches all of his clients to ask will be the following.

“The person who currently was in this position, what do you feel they did exceptionally well?

The person in this current position, what do you feel that they could have done differently to help you with your overall goals?

Are there any certain certifications, or ongoing education, that you believe I should be thinking about taking in order to bring this position up to A higher level of productivity?

What tangible goals have you set for the new person in this position, that you might share with me as we move along the interview process, so that I can be fully prepared if the position is offered to me?

Having a series of questions like these, will absolutely separate you from most individuals that go in to the interview process, unprepared to turn the tables and ask the interview for the questions we are stating.

4. Follow up the interview with an email to the interviewer regurgitating the answers to the questions you asked them during the interview process.
The questions that we advise you to ask are guaranteed to get this person’s attention, showing not only have you done your homework but you’re looking ahead to see how you might help the company better, if you are selected for this position, then the person who is currently in it or has recently left that position.

The follow up email, or if you choose to put it in the mail itself, will be one of the ways that you can separate yourself. It shows how serious you are for the position. It shows that you’re proactive. It shows that your positioning yourself without even having had the job offer to you, as a pro active potential employee… Something that every company is looking more for on a daily basis.

“I remember recently helping a young man apply for a managerial position in the company he had been with for less than a year. It was a huge jump for him professionally, and when he came into work with me he doubted his ability to be as effective as an interviewer he as he would like to be. He talked about the competition for the job. He talked about his lack of experience compared to the competition.

But after working together for several weeks, he was more confident than ever. He followed the exact outline we’ve stated above, and yes as you can imagine, he beat out the competition and got the job. The manager who interviewed him afterwords, told him that his follow-up email which was so explicitly written was something that separated him from all of the other people applying for the job. Also, because of his research on the company, his knowledge about what they have accomplished today was impressive to several people in the room. His age didn’t matter, his assertiveness and preparing for the interview was with separated him from the competition. The same can happen for you.”

Of course never forget that your personal appearance, and grooming skills are also critical to the interview process. It might sound like common sense, but making sure that your clothes are pressed, your shoes shined, and your outfit matching is also something to keep in mind.

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