6 Ways A Toxic Workplace Affects The Rest Of Your Life

A toxic workplace is bad enough at work. But when your toxic work environment begins to infiltrate the rest of your life, you really need to make a change. Here are ways a toxic workplace may hurt you and even your loved ones.

1. You lash out at those close to you. Ask your closest friends and family: Have you changed? Are you not yourself? They’ll be honest.

2. You’re sick all the time. Stress suppresses your immune system. Chronic stress can be deadly.

3. You’re engaging in unhealthy habits. If you’re hitting up happy hours to make life seem worth living, that’s dangerous. Are you too exhausted to work out? Are you gaining weight from stress eating? Try to find the root cause.

4. You’re losing sleep or sleeping all the time. Insomnia can be caused by stress. Wanting to never get out of bed can be caused by depression, which can be triggered by a toxic workplace.

5. Your self-esteem takes a hit. Your job doesn’t represent your worth, but a toxic workplace can still make you feel worthless elsewhere.

6. You don’t have the energy or desire to do things you love. If you’re missing your knitting circle, your martial arts class, or your band’s jam sessions, think of why you feel so lethargic. It could link back to your misery in the office, in which case something needs to change.

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