Why A Fox Sports Reporter Hid Her Pregnancy

Kris Budden

Kris Budden

Finally, some non-Nazi news: There are lot of alleged issues with Fox properties in general (remember all those sexual harassment suits?), but this one was pretty unique.

Fox Sports San Diego-turned-ESPN reporter Kris Budden wrote an amazing, eye-opening blog on why she hid her pregnancy for an entire football season.

I became very insecure about my pregnancy. I said goodbye to the viewers in San Diego, and never mentioned we were having a baby. I went through an entire football season wearing baggy clothes and heavy coats trying to hide it. I never brought it up to the players and coaches I was covering. I don’t know how to describe the feeling other than to say I was embarrassed [...] In tv, especially as a woman in sports, you feel that you have to be pretty, skinny, best-dressed, ageless. Yes, I know my job is so much more than that, but you do feel pressure to look a certain way. When you are pregnant, you feel anything but those qualities. At least I did. I was not one of those women who have a certain “glow” about them. I called that sweat. I also felt like there was a certain perception about female sideline reporters. I thought that if people knew I was a mom, the viewers would look at me differently. They would look at me like…. like I did. Like I was old.

It’s no secret that there aren’t as many women in sports in their 40s. Maybe I thought that becoming a mom would put me “over the hill” in tv age. That it meant I reached the peak of my career, and everything after that was downhill.

On top of that, I was also in between jobs. Who would want to hire a pregnant woman for a job on tv?

Thankfully, Budden had a happy ending (and possibly the cutest lil’ guy ever):

I can tell you now…. many will. I auditioned at the Tennis Channel 32 weeks pregnant. I was hired on the spot. I was also in talks with ESPN at the time. They offered me a job six weeks after I had Jace. I was wrong. People didn’t hire me because I was a cookie-cutter, blond, skinny female who knew sports. They hired me because I was dang good at my job.

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