4 Ways To Have A Good Morning (And A Great Day At Work)

morning person

Guest blogger Sarah Landrum of Punched Clocks is here to help you become a morning person.

A healthy mind means a healthy body. You’ve probably realized your days go better when you’re happy, self-assured and free from negative thoughts. Good mental health means you’re optimistic about your future, able to forgive yourself and others and confident in your abilities. Scientists tell us your mental health affects your physical health in ways we don’t completely understand. But from a practical standpoint, you’re more likely to take care of your body if your mind is well.

This means getting good sleep, having the discipline to eat good foods and maintaining good hygiene. Knowing what we know, it’s no wonder your mental health directly affects your performance at work, too. With this in mind, here’s some food for thought.

The first 30 minutes to an hour of your day can determine the direction of the rest of it! Make it a good hour with this checklist.

1. Clean yourself up. Never skip washing your face, brushing your teeth or, if need be, taking a shower. It’s not worth feeling yucky for the rest of the day.

2. Make yourself feel pretty. If you wear makeup, carve out plenty of time to apply it right. Do your hair, and pick out an outfit you feel good in. This provides an immediate confidence boost, and when you’re feelin’ pretty, anything seems possible.

3. Eat a good breakfast! This is essential. Whether it’s oatmeal with almonds and honey or spinach and eggs with toast, find a go-to breakfast high in protein and whole foods to give you energy that can sustain you throughout your day.

4. Take a 10-minute quiet time for yourself. This may sound new and unfamiliar, but it’s worth a shot. Practicing becoming present and focused in the morning will help you face the business ahead, and give you a quiet space you can go back to throughout the day, if need be.

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