5 Ways To REALLY Help Hurricane Victims

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Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma absolutely devastated the Gulf, especially Houston, as well as islands nearby. So many people have been left homeless (except Joel Osteen, of course) and potentially destitute because of these hurricanes, and it’s our duty to help out if we can. We know you’re probably sick of seeing hurricane coverage on the news. Just imagine how hard it is actually living through a hurricane that left you with nothing. Now get your wallet out and get to work:

1. Donate money instead of goods. We know you want to get rid of all those old T-shirts and put them to use through a good cause, but studies and history have shown that donating items instead of cash in the event of a disaster often holds everything up. People have to sort, clean, and often dispose of certain items (thanks for the hole-ridden undies!), which delays getting help and the actual items to those in need.

2. Do your homework about where you’re donating. Use Charity Navigator to check overhead costs and see where your money is actually going. Still not sure where to give? Try the GlobalGiving relief funds, which will send your money where it’s needed most.

3. Be wary of the Red Cross. Listen, donating to the Red Cross is still better than doing nothing. But maybe not by much: Investigations showed a lack of financial transparency in the organization, and its responses often don’t work well at all.

4. Don’t forget the four-legged friends who were also devastated. Animals need help now too. Here’s how to get it for them.

5. Call those close to you to action. After donating to a good cause, post about it on social media. You’ll get an ego boost with your “likes” and also potentially motivate others to donate.

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