Shut Up About Your Dating Life At Work


Look, we get it. You’re stoked that a guy finally called you back after you spilled wine all over yourself last weekend. But your coworkers don’t need to know about your dating life — and your boss especially doesn’t need to know about it.

It’s one thing if you just got engaged. If so, congrats! But anything else? Keep quiet, or it can come back to bite you.

This is true for several reasons: One, they’re not that interested. Two, oversharing makes you look like you lack discretion, which doesn’t bode well for your future as a higher-up, because, well, you may divulge other secrets, too. Three, anything you say has the potential to be overheard by your boss. Awkward! And four, if you’re going on a lot of dates with a lot of different dudes, that can be misinterpreted in a lot of ways: You can be unfairly slut shamed, or your colleagues may assume that you get rejected a lot and are desperate. People are mean, ok?

“Talking about your love life at work can be dangerous … While men are [often] rewarded for their sexual prowess, women are still punished for it,” Call to Career founder Cheryl Palmer told Moneyish.

Palmer advised, “Keep details to a minimum and only share what you don’t mind everyone in the office knowing … and only share with good friends who have a track record of keeping private things private.”

Success strategist Carlota Zimmerman added, “You never know how this information might be used, or construed against you … and that means that even a seemingly mundane story could wind up hurting your reputation.”

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