3 Ways To Recover When You Feel Stuck At Work

Feeling “stuck” at work is a common problem. Most people believe the best way to get unstuck is to change jobs.

Not so, says Lisa Prior, author of Take Charge of your VIEW: Career Advice You Won’t Get From Your Boss.

In fact, changing jobs might mean you miss out on a goldmine of opportunities for professional development at your current workplace.

According to Lisa, you have the ability to deploy your professional passions in your job today—to create meaningful work opportunities that develop your skills and prepare you for what’s next…

You just have to know how to tap into those opportunities.

Below are Lisa’s tips for moving forward at your current job:

(re)Locate your “flow”. Flow is a state of mind where you are energized by and completely absorbed in what you are doing. You experience flow when you are doing work that fuels your vision, or what you want for your life and work. Sometimes, simply pausing to recalibrate your vision can bring more flow into your work life. The trick is to keep your vision simple to start, and focus your energy tightly around it.

Look for opportunities to provide a valuable service. If you’re not getting enough career development, see what’s working well and determine what you could do to help your manager or team improve performance. Look for the NeXus, or sweet spot, between what you want to add to your resume and what your team needs.

Focus on the future. Always scan the horizon at your organization for what might be needed next, keeping in mind where you want to steer your own ship. Create your own opportunities for growth and development instead of waiting for someone else to do it for you.

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