13 Work Lessons From Jason Voorhees For Friday The 13th

Friday the 13th is supposed to be bad luck, but it’s not unless you make it so. In fact, Friday The 13th the franchise offers up some important tips that you can use at work. Thanks so much, Jason Voorhees!

1. Listen to your mom sometimes.
She probably has good advice, especially if your job is butchering horny teenagers.

2. Come prepared.
Jason Voorhees almost always has his machete.

3. Be adaptable.
When he doesn’t have his machete, Jason doesn’t just putz around. He uses what he has.
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4. Keep a trusty uniform.
Life is a lot less stressful if you consistently wear some version of the same thing in which you look your best.
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5. Don’t be intimidated by the big city.
If Jason Voorhees can take Manhattan, so can you.

6. Make your own opportunities.
When one door closes, who cares? Break another one down …
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7. And seize them.
… or come through a window.
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8. Establish a strong network of people with similar goals.
You can’t always go at it alone.
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9. Be proud of who you are, but also invest in concealer.
We don’t need to see everything.
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10. Know that there will be people who try to imitate your success.
Don’t be intimidated. Be flattered.
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11. Don’t be phased by haters.
Especially when you know you have a higher kill rate.
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12. Catch your enemies offguard.
You’re much more likely to defeat them this way.
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13. Maintain a sense of humor.
It will keep you from wanting to murder the people around you. Maybe.
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