10 Gift Ideas For Your Boss This Boss’s Day

Need gift ideas for your boss? Look no further. The key is to remember that your boss is not only your boss, but also a person. Get something that will appeal to both sides. Also, you have the alternative, which is to not get that witch a damn thing since she hasn’t given you a raise or a promotion in four years. Up to you!

1. Engraved desk organizer

17009a_Engraved-Desk-Organizer-with-Jelly-BeansFor under $30, you’ll look both thoughtful and professional. Get one for yourself, too!

2. Silver cube magnetic clip and photo holder


Useful, decorative, and sweet—and under $25!

3. Fun organizer


If she’s got a sense of humor, go for it. If not, avoid!

4. Feminist bookends


Because women get stuff done.

5. Genius paperweight


6. A chic presentation book



Make meetings a little more bearable.

7. A high quality journal


Pretty, strong, professional.

8. A cheeky mug


Acknowledge your status as a happy underling.

9. Portable relaxation lamp

0768533952806_p0_v1_s550x406The calmer she is, the less likely she is to fire you.

10. Folding phone holder


Keeps her cords out of the way while she’s plugged in.

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