7 Small Ways To Be More Successful Today

woman asleep on computer (Small)

1. Get enough rest — and wake up early.  One study reported that participants who went to bed late had more negative thoughts. Research suggests that getting a good night’s sleep helps problem solving skills. Plus you’ll be a lot less harried in the morning on the way to the train!

2. Meditate. Even if it’s just for five minutes to clear your head, you will feel better and be more productive.

3. Work out. Exercise doesn’t just make you feel physically better — it can also fight stress and depression and even improve your memory.

4. Eat a lot of protein and fiber in the morning. It keeps you feeling fuller for longer, which means you’re going to be more focused on actually getting work done instead of counting down to lunch.

5. Read some non-fiction. CNBC reported that rich people read a lot of non-fiction books. Learn something!

6. Do your hardest work first. You’ll ultimately save time and motivate yourself to tackle the easier stuff on your list rapidly.

7. Daydream. Got a too-long meeting? Feel free to zone out, because it may give you good ideas for when you finally get back to work.

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