10 Ways Hillary Clinton And The DNC Screwed Themselves Out Of The Presidency


In What Happened, Hillary Clinton tries her best to explain how she lose a presidency that was hers to lose to an orange-hued reality TV star who may or may not have sexually assaulted women, while also absolving herself of most responsibility for the loss. In her own book, Hacks, Donna Brazile exposes cracks in Clinton’s efforts, as well as the Democratic National Committee. Unfortunately, Clinton still is missing the point. Here’s how she and the Democrats blew it.

1. They rigged the primaries.
Bernie would have won. That’s beside the point. Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee could have had a better outcome in the general election if they hadn’t been so sneaky about letting her control the party from the beginning. Had they just been like, “Hey guys, Hillary raised a bunch of money for us, so here’s how we’re gonna roll in 2016,” it would look a lot less sketchy than her winning so many coin tosses.

2. They didn’t heed the warnings from said primaries.
Not for nothing, but for a two-term Secretary of State to lose 22 states to a Democratic Socialist that many hadn’t heard of before 2015 looks really bad. Maybe people should have paid more attention to that.

3. They may have had a hand in rigging other elections.
A while ago I had issues with the New York City Board of Elections. So did a lot of other people. It wasn’t a coincidence.

4. Even Bill de Blasio knows she and the DNC messed up.
While a lot of Clinton supporters attacked Brazile for her exposing their mess, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was not one of them, despite being close with Clinton.

“Right now we have an undemocratic Democratic Party — that’s the problem. Everyone who supported Bernie Sanders, the 13 million people who voted for him and so many more who heard his message, they need to be welcome in our Democratic Party,” de Blasio said. “So it’s painful. But I’m glad Donna Brazile did what she did and now it’s time to see results from the DNC that they’re going to make real and tangible reform and transparent reform.”

5. The Seinfeld problem.
In Shattered, it’s made clear to anyone who was under a rock during the 2016 election that Clinton lacked a message. Her campaign was about nothing.

“Hillary didn’t have a vision to articulate. And no one else could give one to her,” the authors wrote (via Time). “Our problem is missing the forest for the trees,” speechwriter Dan Schwerin wrote post-election. “We’ve never found a good way (or at least a way she embraces) that sums up her vision for how America would be different.”

6. Her slogan was bad.
Clinton’s slogan was “I’m with her.” Not “she’s with you” or “she’s with us,” but “I’m with her.” Prior to that, it was “It’s her turn.” This is making the election about what everyone can do for Hillary Clinton, not what Hillary Clinton can do for the country or its populace. While it’s a minor quibble, it may have had a major, if subconscious, impact on the electorate, making Clinton look entitled and coronated, not like she wanted to earn the presidency.

7. Everyone underestimated Donald Trump.
Whether you love or hate him, Donald Trump spoke to a large mass for the electorate who felt ignored, shunned, and ostracized for almost three decades. While he promised to bring back jobs and make America great again for the flyover states, Clinton had fundraisers with rich Hollywood donors. This isn’t rocket science.

8. The Huma Abedin/Anthony Weiner problem.
I feel for Huma Abedin. Anthony Weiner is a pig. But that October surprise could have been easily avoided.

9. She wasn’t visible.
During the campaign, Trump or one of his cronies was almost always on TV. Clinton gave hardly any interviews and refused to put more campaign volunteers on the ground in battleground states. That is no one’s fault but her own and Robby Mook’s.

10. The Donald Ducks.
Hillary Clinton personally fought to have these Donald Duck protesters at her rallies. Guys, seriously? Even after a cease and desist from Disney. Really.

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