6 Ways To Save Even Bigger On Cyber Monday


You already know that you can get a ton of bargains online shopping on Cyber Monday, but there are extra ways to save on online shopping not just on Cyber Monday, but also throughout the year. Take heed!

1. Let items stay in your cart for a while.
A lot of retailers will notice items in your cart that haven’t been purchased yet and offer free shipping or other discounts to get you to actually buy it already.

2. Use multiple email addresses to take advantage of one-time use promo codes.
This is a bit of a no-brainer in terms of explaining, right? I hope?

3. Remember Free Shipping Day.
Calling all procrastinators: December 18 is Free Shipping Day, so if that was stopping you from online shopping on Cyber Monday, hit “order” then.

4. Use plug-ins and tools to save and get cashback.
Services like EBates, RetailMeNot, WikiBuy, Honey, and Goodshop will help you with discount codes and cash back on purchases.

5. Track your spending.
Services like EveryDollar and Mint can help you keep track of how much you’re spending so you don’t break your bank.

6. Keep track of gifts.
I have a huge family and buy gifts throughout the year leading up to Christmas, so a spreadsheet helps keep me from buying my nephews three of the same Ninja Turtle toys that I forgot I already purchased!

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