10 Veterans Charities To Help Post-GOP Tax Plan

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The new tax plan is going to screw over a lot of people, including yours truly. One of the few deductions left is for charitable contributions. The following charities will help a lot of groups left in the dust and marginalized by the Trump administration and Republicans. Donate to them and deduct it from your taxes so you know your hard-earned money will be spent on who and what needs it instead of a private jet for The Doll. Today we’ll examine veterans’ causes, because they fall into many of the tax brackets who this administration plans to fuck dry, despite their continued insistence that they support the troops. These all have excellent Charity Navigator ratings, so you can feel comfortable donating.

Hire Heroes USA: Hire Heroes USA provides aid in getting veterans work once they leave the armed forces. Donate here.

Honor Flight Network: The Honor Flight Network provides flights to veterans so they can visit their memorials in Washington, D.C. Donate here.

Operation Support Our Troops America: Operation Support Our Troops America provides comfort packages to troops overseas and provides aid to them once they come home. Donate here.

Operation Gratitude: Operation Gratitude provides care packages to troops overseas. Donate here.

Soldiers’ Angels: Soldiers’ Angels provides care packages and has a letter writing team to thank troops and veterans overseas and stateside. Donate here.

The Mission Continues: The Mission Continues helps veterans get involved in their communities and transition back into civilian life. Donate here.

Mercy Medical Angels: Mercy Medical Angels provides patients (many of whom are wounded or disabled veterans) with long-distance transportation for medical help that they may not be able to afford otherwise. Donate here.

Air Force Aid Society: The Air Force Aid Society helps Air Force members and veterans with education and financial needs. Donate here.

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society: The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society provides financial relief for Navy-Marine Corps veterans and troops and their families. Donate here.

Army Emergency Relief: The Army Emergency Relief provides interest-free loans, grants, and scholarships to soldiers in financial need. Donate here.

National Military Family Association: The National Military Family Association provides support and aid to active duty, veterans’ and fallen troops’ families. Donate here.

Our Military Kids: Our Military Kids supports children of deployed National Guard and Reserve service members and children of wounded and fallen warriors from all service branches. Grants pay for participation in activities that help children cope with stress and anxiety while their parents are recovering or absent. Donate here.

Operation First Response: Operation First Response provides financial support to military families of wounded veterans, as well as airline flights, lodging, and car transportation to/from airport and hospital for veterans and troops in need of medical care at home. Donate here.

Snowball Express: Snowball Express supports children of fallen troops. Donate here.

Operation Homefront: Operation Homefront provides financial and food assistance, auto and home repair, vision care, travel and transportation, moving assistance, essential home items, and rent-free transitional housing for troops and veterans. Donate here.

The Veterans Site: Broke? Click here to donate to the Veterans Site for free every day.

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