13 Ways To Aid Education Post-GOP Tax Plan

back to school

Guess what else the tax plan is going to screw up? That’s right, education! Here are a few charities to help ensure that the next few generations don’t end up stupid enough to vote for someone who will appoint f*cking Betsy DeVos. Seriously. Again, all of these charities have been highly rated and vetted by Charity Navigator, so you can feel confident donating. Links below.

1. Sponsors For Educational Opportunity

2. Common Cause Education Fund

3. Cooperative For Education

4. Silicon Valley Education Foundation

5. Education Through Music

6. The Chicago Public Education Fund

7. Education For Employment

8. Educational First Steps

9. New Visions For Public Schools

10. Fund For Public Schools

11. First Book

12. Good Sports

13. Donors Choose

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