10 Financial YouTube Channels To Subscribe To Today

1. Clever Girl Finance
Aside from the generally savvy financial and saving advice that Clever Girl Finance offers, their host and founder, certified financial education instructor Bola Onada Sokunbi has an incredibly soothing voice.

2. The Dave Ramsey Show
Dave Ramsey is like your tough-love talking dad. He’s sympathetic and kind, but he’s also happy to let you know when you’re being an idiot. I may not necessarily agree with all of his politics, and he can get religious at times, which may not be everybody’s cup of tea — but trust me, his advice works. If you’re in debt, you need Dave Ramsey.

3. The Rachel Cruze Show
Rachel Cruze is the daughter of Dave Ramsey and probably reminds you of your own best friend. She’s perky and adorable, and in addition to tips on saving, she also has fun recipes, decorating ideas, and shopping tips that are both frugal and fabulous.

4. But First, Coffee
Kallie Branciforte is fun and very human. She offers tips on saving money everywhere and on everything, as well as offering tips on DIY projects to save even more cash. And her makeup is always on point!

5. Do It On A Dime
Kathryn is here to help you get organized and do just about everything imaginable yourself. She also has a really cute voice. I want to be her friend, too.

6. The Financial Diet
Chelsea and Co. offer a very realistic, extremely relatable vision on how to get out of debt, establish savings, and just generally function as a young adult in an expensive world.

7. Fun, Cheap, Or Free
Jordan Page is a genius with great hair. Her advice on everything from cash flow to laundry is priceless.

8. Revolution Hive
Whether or not you agree with Revolution Hive’s politics, you can’t argue with most of their financial advice. They’re practical but also will inspire you to go out and kick ass and take names … and maybe to vote differently.

9. Financial Education
Regardless of how you feel about this dude’s mustache, his advice is generally on point when it comes to investing.

10. Dollar Dude
Troy Grant talks to you like your male BFF and is incredibly relatable and practical. And he’s funny!

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