5 Ways to Find the Right Talent for Your Online Business

Guest blogger Ellie Martin is co-founder of Startup Change group. Her works have been featured on Yahoo! , Wisebread, AOL, among others. She currently splits her time between her home office in New York and Israel. You may connect with her on Twitter

Having a business is one of the most fruitful and encouraging things a human can do. The most magnanimous thing about owning a business is hiring employees that can flourish underneath you and bring true success to your company. What is interesting in the present day, however, is that the rules of business and of hiring are changing all of the time.

How is it then that a business owner in the new online age can find the right talent to fill the positions of their business? In this guide we hope to cover strategies and ideas that will improve your chances of finding the right candidate. This new technological age brings with it a whole host of opportunities and is a wonderful symbol of progress. It should be wholeheartedly embraced but, it does change some of the rules. Let’s go over the best strategies for finding the best talent.

1. Post On Freelance Sites. One of the simplest but most direct things an owner can do is post on freelance websites that specialize in employees for online businesses. It may seem obvious, and too saturated, posting on freelance websites can oftentimes bring the best talent available directly to you.

The higher end, and more exclusive, freelance websites can also filter candidates to make sure you are getting the most qualified freelancers. There are also general job boards where you can post to anybody with an account if you want to cast a very wide net. This method often brings about a high amount of feedback but if you go through the premier sites you can have a whole team of employees ready in a moment’s notice.

2. Offer Referral Rewards. This method may not seem to be the most obvious but oftentimes those who already have employees can find others through offering referral Rewards. Incentivizing referrals is a great way to find people quickly who, if the employee is trusted, can be quickly enculturated in your company. The rewards don’t have to be staggering to get great results and is often a wonderful investment opportunity that can grow your business quickly.

3. Search for Remote Talent. You may not think of it right off the bat but sometimes casting a wide employment net can yield interesting results and formidable candidates. Globalization and technology has made it so that people all over the world can speak languages and communicate with people no matter their country of residence or origin. It is important for an owner to cast a wide net and search for remote talent.

You may not think about it at first but large parts of the world speak English and can code in the same language like everybody else can. You may find the perfect candidate in Japan or in Argentina. The important part is to not be restrictive geographically with where and how you search.

4. Use Social Media. Social media can be a business owner’s best friend as they target millions of active users every day. Facebook even has targeted ads that can direct your message or advertisement to specific people browsing their feed. Instagram and Snapchat also have large demographics so that you can always target the correct age group for your business.

On social media you can reach the most amount of people at once which, by the law of averages, only helps in the search for the right employee. Do not be afraid to spend a little bit of money to get a great result using social media.

5. Recruit Prospects. While it can seem like an aggressive strategy from the outset, recruiting prospective employees from your competitors’ employee pool or from top of the line schools can often give you talented employees at great rates. Always educate yourself with whatever information is publicly available about your competitors and the top schools worldwide.

Create recruitment packages that give an idea of the culture and strategies of your business. Take full advantage of the online capability of your business to hire students who maybe don’t have the money to move or go out on their own all the way yet. Always use your businesses’ online presence to attract those who would like to be part of the future. There are a few recruitment sites that you can use as well which can take some of the hard work out of your day. This method is great for getting the highly knowledgeable employee that can make an immediate impact on your team.

Ultimately, finding talent for your online business is about using the tools available to their best and highest use. Search through job boards and contact talent agencies to find employees that fit everything you need.

Recruit them from schools and competitor businesses to help you gain an advantage. Most importantly, do not be afraid to spend a little money to target people on social media. The truth is hiring the right employee will always involve a bit of luck and a whole lot of work but in the end the right employee can completely revolutionize your business.

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