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“It’s Not Always Your Turn,” And Other Business Lessons I Learned From Our Nanny

âItâs Not Always Your Turn,â And Other Business Lessons I Learned From Our Nanny

My daughter’s caregiver is an amazing, intelligent woman whom I love and respect with all my heart. Annie, whom my daughter has always called “Nanny,” runs state-accredited home daycare where she takes care of roughly seven or eight children every day. My daughter has been going to Annie’s since she was three weeks old. There’s no denying that this magnificent woman has taught my daughter just as much as I have. And as any working mother can attest to, trusting the person who takes care of your kids is the only way to make it through a nine-hour workday.

But my toddler isn’t the only one who gets tips from our wonderful Nanny. Over the course of almost four years, Ann has taught me a lot about motherhood, marriage and even a thing or two about business. More »

3 Brilliant Pieces Of Advice From Women In Private Equity

3 Brilliant Pieces Of Advice From Women In Private Equity

Working in private equity requires insane hours and tons of travel in a high-pressure environment, and it’s notoriously tough on women. As the Wall Street Journal’s Laura Kreutzer puts it in a blog post this afternoon, “Finding the time to procreate, let alone attend a dance recital or parent-teacher conference, can be challenging at best.” Kreutzer talks with a few women who have been successful in private equity — and become mothers along the way. Unsurprisingly, their advice is unapologetic and no-nonsense. More »

A Guide To Surviving The Skype Interview

A Guide To Surviving The Skype Interview

Congratulations; you got the job interview! It takes place next Tuesday in your living room. The Wall Street Journal reported recently that video interviews are on the rise. The market research firm the Aberdeen Group found that 10% included video chats as part of their interview processes last year; this year, that figure jumped to 42% for both management and entry-level jobs. We decided to talk to people who have gone through the process to get their insights and advice – and their horror stories. (Hint: Don’t use video chat to interview for a new job while you’re at work.) More »

‘Just One Word: Plastics’ And Other Pieces Of Wisdom

'Just One Word: Plastics' And Other Pieces Of Wisdom

Wisdom can come in all forms. Sometimes it’s something you read in a novel, or maybe it’s the advice a family friend said to you when you graduated from college: “Just one word: plastics.” Wisdom, if you look for it, can be everywhere. Even those whom you don’t expect to teach you anything at all can occasionally open their mouths and forever transform how you look at the world going forward. More »