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The Insider: Elizabeth Denny

The Insider: Elizabeth Denny

Elizabeth Denny owns an art gallery—and a super-rad one at that. If you’re not already convinced that she’s impossibly cool, then you will be by the end of this Q&A. Oh, and you’ll definitely want to check out Denny Gallery—and shake the girl’s hand—stat. More »

Executive Suite: Jen Bekman On Becoming “The Gateway Drug Of The Art World”

Executive Suite: Jen Bekman On Becoming "The Gateway Drug Of The Art World"

Jen Bekman’s career trajectory can be summed up by the story of her employment in the early years of Meetup, the popular website that facilitates offline get-togethers for users with similar interests. After years of employment in the internet industry, bouncing between New York and San Francisco, working for companies from tiny startups to Netscape to Disney, Bekman scored at the job at Meetup after a long period of unemployment. “On paper it was the perfect job,” Bekman says, “but just wasn’t a good fit.” Scott Heiferman, Meetup’s cofounder and CEO, fired her. Now, Heiferman is an investor in her flourishing art company, 20 x 200. Bekman spoke with The Grindstone about why she doesn’t care about coolness, her worst experience raising money, and how she started a business without a credit card. More »