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A Look At Erica Weiner’s Résumé

A Look At Erica Weiner's Résumé

Between attending Vassar and starting her own jewelry business, Erica Weiner worked damn hard, doing the kind of jobs that required ingenuity—and a knack for dealing with children and very small celebrities. These are the gigs that eventually led her to her namesake line, which she launched from her kitchen table. More »

Ants Have Careers, Too

Ants Have Careers, Too

Even though we know that humans are just fancy mammals, there are many rituals of human life that we like to assume are particularly ours, and that separate us from other animal species: Conducting funerals, for example, or creating art. Well, it turns out animals do both. And here’s something else: Animals — ants, in particular — have career paths, moving from job to job, and ascending in rank as they go. More »